Friday, November 30, 2012

Kate Raudenbush - On Socially Concious Art

Kate Raudenbush is one of my favorite artists at Burning Man 2010 and 2012. Kate creates fantastically intricate, interactive steel sculptures that invite participation. I saw Kate speak briefly about Futures Past in 2010. It's obvious Kate puts her heart and sole into her work and she is very articulate. I found this YouTube video of Kate speaking about socially conscious art at Burning Man 2011 and thought you may enjoy a short inspirational talk from a very inspirational artist.

Here are photos of two of Kate's creations:

Kate's website:


Also, a friend who works for Burning Man emailed me that the 2013 theme has just been announced. It is Cargo Cult and I like the theme poster. Read more about the wacky and zany world to come here:

Illustration by "DA" Dominic Tinio

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