Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't Be Afraid of Gray

Well, you might be able to tell I read books written by Ansel Adams. I never met him. A long time ago I was too late to a private gallery show of his in San Francisco but the woman at the gallery was very kind and let me look at his prints. For some reason the mounted prints were out of their frames - I guessed for shipping. So, with cotton gloves provided by the gallery, I was given the opportunity to hold his signed, mounted prints in my hands without glass in the way. I can't really describe the experience...

The big lesson from that was seeing rich, rich grays. I was driving on Highway 5 when the news about his passing away came over KGO radio. I pulled over and cried. More about Mr. Adams later.

A couple of things he taught me was when appropriate keep separation in the lower tones and don't be afraid of gray. This is a photograph of Mount Tom near Bishop, California, during pretty intense summer time weather.   

Copyright 2010 Scott Williams